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Dr. Valdez with the collection of miniature animals she uses with children and adults.

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What is Counseling and How Does it Work?

Counseling is a relationship designed to help you become better at being yourself.

Dr. Valdez will listen to you with sincere interest to understand your feelings, ideas, and what is important to you.

Dr. Valdez believes that when people get better at becoming more fully aware of themselves, knowing themselves, and trusting themselves, they are able to deal with life head-on, with confidence and creativity. They discover that they have more strengths and resources to draw upon than they realized. They feel more optimistic and hopeful about the future. They enjoy a sense of peace even in the midst of all the things around them that they can’t predict or control.

She will also be very practical about offering suggestions and coaching you to learn skills to help you become better at being yourself.

While some things can be quickly and easily resolved, growth often entails sustaining effort over time, stretching beyond what is familiar, and willingness to use the things you will talk about in a session in real-life situations.

Counseling is enjoyable. Being more grounded in knowing, valuing and trusting yourself opens up your natural creativity, spontaneity, and humor.

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Counseling, Biofeedback & Clinical Hypnosis

counselingCounseling is a relationship designed to help you be good at being yourself.

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counselingBiofeedback therapy can improve many distressing symptoms like anxiety, headaches, hypertension and more.

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counselingClinical hypnosis is often misunderstood but is an extremely helpful experience for stress management, performance enhancement and more.

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